Thursday, August 11, 2016

Olymipic Inspiration

We are now in the midst of the 3-weeks every 4 years when the TV is on in my house pretty much all the time. For people who know how much TV I watch, you will know how strange this is. It is not uncommon for our television not to get turned on for days, or the only time it is on is for a little bit of Sofia or Mickey Mouse or whatever E wants to watch so we can get ready for work in the morning.

Using my second screen wisely

I am a big fan of the Olympics, and especially the summer games. I can get sucked into watching just about anything. One of the things I love are the stories behind the athletes. Sure, it is great to see the gymnasts or swimmers, but those sports get a lot of coverage. The stories about the fencer chasing her dream or athletes from small countries that have dreamed about making the games since they were children that really make the games amazing.

It is interesting that this year, the start of the games lines up with the start of half marathon training. Watching all the athletes inspires me to get out and run, even when it is hard or hot. (It doesn't help me get out early, but that is a whole other story.)

I will never be an Olympic athlete, but that doesn't mean I can't continue to chase my dreams. These athletes are often a reminder that chasing dreams is never easy.