Thursday, August 18, 2016

Making Mermaid Dreams Come True

E recently turned three and this was the first birthday/holiday that she understood presents and that she would be getting something. As a parent, I try to get E what she wants or things I think she would like. In the past this has been hit or miss, but now she can tell me what she wants. The good thing is that she is little, so the things she asks for are still very doable.

For a couple months leading up to her birthday, she told me she wanted a pink scooter for her birthday. After looking at options, I found the perfect option for E. A pink Minnie Mouse scooter. The scooter was purchased and hidden almost a month before E's birthday. I was feeling on top of the birthday game.

Then just a couple weeks before her birthday, E started asking for a mermaid tail and purple seashells. (Yes, we were on a Little Mermaid kick.) The first time she asked I thought it may just be a brief want because something caught her attention, but she kept asking about it. Cue Mommy panic.

I found a few options on Amazon, but the reviews were not great. I didn't want a tail that lost its scales after one trip to the pool. Target had a mermaid swimsuit option, but it was no longer available. (It kills me that I picked this swimsuit up and put it back earlier in the summer.)  

Then I found the Toddler Tail on Fantasy Fin. It was a high quality mermaid tail designed for toddlers and had an Ariel option. This was exactly what I was looking for, but with only two weeks until her birthday, I still wasn't certain I could make it happen.

I reached out to Fantasy Fin to see if I placed an order would it get here in time for E's birthday. They got back to me very quickly and told me they would help ensure it got here in time. I placed the order and received a shipping notification that same day.

A couple of days before E's birthday, the tail and top showed up. It was super cute and the fabric was even nicer than I thought it could be. I was super excited to make E's dream of being a mermaid come true.

She was excited about both gifts
Opening the tail was pretty funny. E didn't realize what the tail was at first, but once she did, she was super excited. We had to try it out the very next day. She now refers to herself as a mermaid from time to time.

Practicing her mermaid pose.

My little mermaid
Now, if I could get her to stop asking for red hair. (That one is a little harder to make a reality.)

Please note that I did not receive anything from Fantasy Fin other than amazing customer service. I wanted to share how they helped me make E's dream a reality.