Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It Doesn't Have to Be Pink

As we approach another birthday, I worry about how much pink E has accumulated. It doesn't help my mama guilt that she has asked for a "pink scooter" for her birthday. Pink is fine, but I want E to know that just because she is a girl, everything doesn't have to be pink.

We have lots of pink clothes.
(This is one of my favorites)

Some of it is my fault. When I found out E was a girl I was super excited. Little girl clothes are super cute and I love big bows. That said, I also tried to be cognizant of how early kids begin to internalize what being a "girl" or "boy" means. I work to make sure E has a variety of toys, but there is still a lot of pink in our house. 

She loves her pink suitcase.
I know I only have so much control. She is influenced by family, teachers, friends and others. We are also very blessed and she receives a lot of gifts and hand-me-downs. It isn't just the clothes that are pink, but the shoes and the blankets and the toys. I try to avoid buying too many "girl" items, but sometimes it happens. (Try shopping with a toddler and not occasionally getting what they want at least occasionally.)

She picked out a pink bracelet.
Pink Ice Cream
(Always a good option, but what about chocolate or vanilla?)

It isn't that pink things are bad. I have to admit that I like pink things (and sparkly things) as well. I want E to know that she can love the pink things, but she can also love getting dirty and play hard. I knew that raising a girl would be hard, but I really didn't know how hard it would be.