Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tips for Summer Running

Just in case you hadn't noticed...summer is here. Especially in central Florida. It seems like summer came overnight this year. One day it was warm, but manageable, and the next is was a total sweat fest. (It may just be that I didn't run much in May because of travel and a sick child.)
Time to sweat it out.

Living in Orlando, I train in what many people would consider summer conditions pretty much year round. Couple that with a constantly changing schedule and I have had to figure out how to run in pretty much all conditions. Here are some things I have learned about training when it is hot. (Please note: I am not a doctor or a trainer, so please research what works for you.)

Run Early or Late

It is going to be cooler when the sun is not beating down, so if you can go before the sun comes up or after it goes down it helps. Unfortunately E doesn't sleep very consistently, so early morning runs are an option for me.

Visors are your Friends

If you have to run in the sun, a visor is a huge help. It keeps the sun off your face, absorbs sweat, but still lets your head breath. 

BodyGlide will Keep your Skin Happy is never fun, but often a consequence of summer running. BodyGlide has made running in the heat so much better. No more painful bra lines.

Ban Cotton

I still remember when my husband, boyfriend at the time, convinced me to purchase my first tech fabric workout gear. It made running outside in the heat so much more comfortable. I couldn't imagine going back. (Little did he know that this would kick off a whole workout clothes buying problem.)

Find a Sunscreen that Sticks

Make sure you are protecting your skin. Finding a sunscreen that sticks and doesn't irritate your skin is huge. I like babyganics, but there are a ton on the market.

Replenish with Electrolytes

When the temperatures start to climb, I need something more than plain water when I am done. Something that helps replenish the lost electrolytes is key to not feeling dead for most of the day. Finding the right product for this one has been a challenge. I am not a fan of most of the sports drinks because of the taste or ingredients. I like Nuun and have been playing around with Coconut water.  

Think about a Hydration Loop

I hate carrying things with me when I run, but I need water on long runs, so I created a loop that brings me back to my water every 2 or 3 miles. That way I can stop and grab a drink, but don't have to carry a bottle. (Warning: this can feel a bit repetitive.) I know people who use trails or other routes with water stops as a solution too.
I don't mind summer running, but I know it is not for everyone. Hopefully these will help you to embrace training in the heat and enjoy the speed benefit when the temperature drops.