Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Managing the Rungery

Not only is today National Running Day and Global Running Day, but it is the start of half marathon training for me. I am excited to get back to running with a goal and a purpose in mind. I am also a little nervous, because I haven't had a great training cycle since before I got pregnant.

I have been working the past few months on building a solid strength foundation before upping the mileage. To add to that, my training plan is also built with some additional base building before the mileage really starts to climb

One of my biggest struggles during training is the rungerys. As I start running more, I get crazy hungry and my sweet tooth is a bit out of control. The past few years I haven't been great about monitoring my nutrition during training, and I think that some improvements can be made.

A big focus for me is going to be increasing my protein intake and decreasing the number of sweets I eat. That is why I am excited about the new Chobani Simply 100 Crunch line of yogurt. I am a big Chobani fan already and  and these offer a nice treat with a good amount of protein (10g per container) and just enough sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth. (You can find out more about Chobani Simply 100 here.)

The Simply 100 Crunch yogurts are great because they are one of my favorite things (yogurt and topping) all in one package. With flavors such as Mango Cone Crisp, Blueberry Cookie Crumble and Strawberry Chocolate Truffle there are some great options for my sweet tooth.

Even when training, keeping weight in check is a balance between eating and activity. These are a nice 100 calorie treat to balance with my workouts. If running is not your thing, there are lots of ways to burn a 100 extra calories in a day. My friends at Chobani have outlined a few. (Playing with E at the park or in the pool are some of my favorites.)

(Disclaimer: Chobani provided some of the information for this post, but all opinions are my own.)