Wednesday, May 25, 2016

If I Could Ask Why?

Without a doubt we are fully into the "why" stage with E. I thought everyone was exaggerating when they talked about this stage of development, but yeah, no exaggeration happening. It is all "why" all the time.

While I love E's curiosity, sometimes I can't answer "why" 10 times before we make it out of our subdivision (we are talking about a quarter mile here). There are also many times when I just don't know the answer and I don't want to give her wrong information.

All of this got me thinking...what if I could ask E why? Here are some of the questions on my list.
  • Why is asking you to potty before bed the end of the world?
  • Why do you like to put food in between your toes and then eat it? (Yeah, she is gross.)
  • Why do you like to lick everything, like counters and the railings at Disney? (I told you she was gross.)
  • Why is 5:45 a.m. an appropriate time to wake up....every day? 
  • Why does it seem like a good idea to jump from the coffee table to the couch?
  • Why is kicking off your shoes an appropriate response to being angry? 
  • Why do you like to eat toothpaste? (Even the mint kind.)
  • Why are you obsessed with everyone's naked booty (even when we are all fully clothed)?
  • Why is picking up your toys the end of the world?
  • Why do you ask why about everything? 
  • Why do you have to grow up so fast? (It seems like I blink and she is bigger)
I joke about all the why questions we are answering right now, but I hope that E never looses her curiosity. Exploring the world is fun and the world would probably be a better place if we asked "why?" a little more often.