Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Making a Masterpiece

Sorry that things were quiet here last week. A crazy week and a sick toddler is a terrible combination for a part-time blogger, but this week I have something fun.

One thing that I didn't realize when we bought our house is how much wall space we would have. We added some square footage when we bought our house, but tall ceilings and an open floor plan mean a whole different scale to deal with. When we moved in, it was a large giant blank canvas.

Last fall we painted the interior of the house and that added a little personality. I started to look at unique and interesting things to add to the wall, but quickly realized that our budget was not going to get me a whole lot.

I am the world's least crafty person (craft stores tend to give me an anxiety attack), so I was a little nervous when I decided it would be a good idea to have Ellie help me make some art. My idea was to have her finger paint on canvas. (Yeah, what could go wrong with that.)

Before I could back out, I bought some canvases and paint. My husband helped me pick colors that went with the furniture and accessories we already had in the room. Then those items sat in our office for a few months, because it takes forever to get projects done with a toddler.

I finally got around to painting the canvases white so the fun could begin. One Saturday morning we headed out to our backyard and let E use her hands to create a painting. We started with the dark blue, then did the turquoise and then some additional dark blue. It was a lot of fun and E seemed to enjoy herself. We even picked her up and let her be a brush to go across all the paintings.

I let the blue dry for about a week. Then had E add some copper accents to go with a couple of lamps in the room. 

Another week and some picture hangers later we had a masterpiece above our sofa. (Okay, so it may not be a masterpiece for everyone, but I love it.)

Our one of a kind art

It may have taken us a few weeks to get all the blue paint off of E's nails, but that was the only fall out from this project. In my world, that is a huge win. Now we have some fun art and a great story behind it.