Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Adventures in Parenting - Disney Cruise Part 2

When I left off, we were on a boat. Amazingly, we are still on the boat (funny how that works on a cruise). But now it was Star Wars Day at Sea. Star Wars Day was a mixed bag for us.

I like Star wars, but I am not the biggest fan. We booked this cruise because of the timing and the rest of the itinerary, not the Star Wars part. What I didn't expect was that there wouldn't be many non-Star Wars activities during the day. E doesn't get Star Wars and was too young for the secured kids activities and that meant E spent a lot of the day at the splash pad.

So many times on the slide

I snuck away during nap time to go to a liquor and chocolate tasting with my mom and sister. This was a lot of fun and it was interesting to see how flavors changed when you mixed the chocolate and the liquor.

The highlight of the day was dinner at Remy. I had been looking forward to this dinner since we booked the trip. We dropped E off at the nursery and enjoyed the sunset and a drink. 

Yay! Adult time!

Then it was time for dinner...all 9 courses of it. They started off with a themed cocktail and it just got better from there. We both had the traditionally French menu. The food was amazing and the service impeccable. My husband was making fun of me because every time I tried to take a picture, someone would be at the table to serve us. It was worth the up charge, but not something I would do every cruise.

After dinner it was time for the Star Wars party and fireworks. Thankfully the weather was good and we were able to enjoy the party and fireworks. E enjoyed dancing with the other kids, and kept asking for a "light saver." The fireworks were Star Wars themed and they did a good job. Few things are more fun than fireworks at sea.

The next day was a low key day at sea. We spent most of the day recovering from the late night. (Which really means fighting with a tired toddler.) The weather was cold and rainy, so that wasn't the best for cruising. We did get some adult time while E was in the nursery and finished the day with Inside Out in the theater. Overall it was a nice and relaxing day.

The last day was Castaway Cay another day at sea. Yeah, we got up and could see the island. We headed down to the Castaway Cay 5k check-in area and picked up our numbers. Then the captain came on to say that the winds were high and they were having trouble docking at the island and they would try again in a half hour. After killing a little more time and another attempt at docking was unsuccessful, it was clear we weren't going to make it to the island. (I ran the 5k after we were back on land because I didn't want to wait to do it on the ship's track.)

We headed to breakfast and to take some character photos. The staff scrambled to reschedule the day. We were trying to get E some lunch before a character dance party when she climbed on my lap and fell asleep at the table. She was really tired at this point. Unfortunately, there was no character dance party for her, but we made it up with a (cold) trip to the splash pad. At this point we were caught in a cold front coming off the coast of Florida.

That evening there was a character send off and complementary drinks in the lobby. 

We stayed for some dancing after dinner. E got a picture with her favorite singer too.

E was a huge fan
Then it was off to the room. E went to sleep and we finished packing. Unfortunately, E was sick that night, so no one really slept well, but at least it was the last day.

The next morning it was up and off the boat. Vacation was over. (Now I just need to figure out when we can go back. Spoiler....sometime after E is 3.)