Saturday, January 30, 2016

2.5 Years with (Not so Baby) E

It has been a while since I did an E update. As she gets older, it seem like the changes from month to month are less, but then all of a sudden I look at her and she seems to be so much older. I am not sure where the time goes, but some days I just want it to stop. (Other days, not so much, but more on that later.)

When did my baby get so big?
Right now we are at a fun age. She mimics just about everything that we do and wants to help with everything. She loves helping Daddy make coffee and Mommy cook. (It may take us twice as long when she "helps," but it is pretty fun.) 

My mind is constantly blown by all of the words she knows and uses. I still can't believe the things that she comes up with. While enjoying some Mickey shaped fruit snacks on the cruise, E picked one up, looked at it and said, "this is Mickey. He's my boy." I cracked up laughing. We have full blown conversations and I love listening to her, even when she is talking just to keep herself awake.

E loves running, jumping and climbing. She still loves being outside. Cooking in her kitchen and watching movies are some other favorite activities. She is a big fan of Mickey, Minnie and the Disney Princesses. Cinderella is a favorite. We are over her fear of characters and less than 24 hours after getting off the Disney Cruise Ship she was asking to go to Disney World. (We made her wait a week.)

Riding one of her favorites

My princess

She is full of sass and the girliest tomboy I know. She will fearlessly climb and jump off of just about anything, all while wearing a dress. My heels are another one of her favorite things to play with.

Who cares about modesty?
I have my heels and my keys
We are right in the midst of the toddler-teenager phase. It is not uncommon for E to turn into a puddle and role around on the floor if we are doing something she doesn't want to do. Brushing hair, changing diapers, getting dressed in appropriate clothes and putting shoes on are all common causes of an E puddle. The hardest thing is that she is getting stronger and it can be hard to hold her when she is tantruming.

Taken just minutes before the first photo.
 Potty training is in the works. We need to step up our game a bit, but I was in no hurry until after we got back from vacation. Going to bed, and staying asleep, are some of the biggest challenges. We took away her pacifier at the beginning of the year and that created a whole new bedtime. (More on that in another post.) 
While we have our share of tantrums, I couldn't ask for a more loving and compassionate toddler. She still likes to snuggle and hug. (On her terms of course.) If she sees me sad, she will tell me it will be okay. Her teachers also tell me she helps other kids in the class if they are crying. 

Time Flies (Thanks Timehop for the reminders)
Happy 2.5 to my not-so-baby E!