Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Weekend Living In an Edge

The holidays are always crazy, so when I was invited by Ford to join with a few other bloggers and  take a little me time right before Thanksgiving, I was super excited. We we were treated to manis, pedis and a blowout. It was nice to take a little time to myself before the holiday crazy. We also got a lesson in etiquette. (Something I can always use some help with.)

The best thing about it was that at the end of the day, I received the opportunity to drive a 2015 Ford Edge for the holiday weekend. It is always fun to drive a different car once and a while.  We celebrated the holiday weekend with a lot of fun in the car. We took it to work, Thanksgiving, the Orlando Auto Show and with my niece to the Crayola Experience.

On our way to Thanksgiving

Room for the car seat

Lots of room for pie too.

A beautiful day for the auto show.

E seems to enjoy cars already.
Some Crayola fun for my niece's birthday.

Back to reality. At least I have a pretty awesome gig.

The nice thing about having a car for a few days is that it allows you to see if it fits your life. It also highlights the pros and cons of the vehicle. Here are my thoughts on the Edge.


There were lots of things I liked about the car. I really like the way the vehicle is styled and appointed. It drove well and was really comfortable. For lack of a better description, it felt like a grown up car (in the best way possible). The car was filled with lots of fun technology...lane keeping, blind spot information, zoned climate control, heated and air conditioned seats. 

Two super fun features were the windshield wipers and high beams that turned on automatically. It was like the car was thinking for me. (I may get excited easily, but the first time the high beams went on automatically, it blew my mind.)

E's favorite feature (and probably mine too) was the roof. The car had a panoramic roof. She wouldn't let us close the shade, even when it was super sunny. This did make head room a little tight for my 6'3" husband.

Enjoying her favorite part


The car's infotainment system was not the easiest to understand. There is so much stuff crammed into it, that I often hit the wrong button or couldn't find what I was looking for. (This may be a user issue because I sometime struggle in my own car, but I managed to get the car to not be able to find the backup camera.) It is the blessing and the curse of so much technology in cars. 


There were also some things that seemed to be more worn than they should have been on a new vehicle. The headliner in the backseat was pulling away around the back door and a few other things. This may because this particular vehicle had a harder life with multiple people using it.
  The other thing that I didn't like was there were lights in the trunk that didn't turn off with the rest of the interior lights. This would be a feature for many people and I can see where it would be handy, but when you have a toddler sleeping in a rear facing car seat that you have to extract from the car, it is not optimal.

Overall, I liked the vehicle and think it could be a great option in a few years. Right now we are in full on Mommy-mobile mode and need the extra space of a slightly bigger vehicle. Then again, maybe I can upgrade to something even more fun once E is older.

So pretty in blue. (I love this update to the Mustang too)

(A big thanks to Ford for the relaxation event and the opportunity to drive the Edge. All comments and opinions are my own.)