Thursday, July 30, 2015


I am not sure where the time went, but yesterday Baby E turned two. I should probably stop calling her Baby E, but it is hard to imagine that my baby is turning into a little girl. The days don't always seem short, but the months go by in a flash.

Where did the time go?
It has been amazing to see my baby turn into a loving, smart, caring, independent, determined, warm little girl. Year two didn't have the physical changes of year one, but the cognitive changes have been mind blowing.

Ellie has turned into a talking and singing machine. It makes my heart smile listening to her singing songs in the back of the car. She is the queen of the preschool song mashup as she bounces from one song to another. She also tells stories and loves to "read." Looking at and taking pictures of herself on my phone are other favorite activities. (This trait may haunt me in her teenage years.)

"Ellie try" is one of her favorite phrases. It doesn't matter what the task, she wants to try and do it herself. This has also taught me some patience. I love her determination, but sometimes it is hard not to take over after the 10th time she has tried unsuccessfully to buckle her car seat. She will eventually ask for help, but it has to be on her terms.

She loves coloring, bubbles, swimming and just about anything outside. Thanks to swimming lessons, she has taken to the water like a little fish. We even celebrated her second birthday with a day at the beach.

It is amazing to watch her develop friendships with the other kids at daycare. There are certain kids that really seem to stick together. She even said her favorite thing about her birthday party was having one of her little friends at the party.

As she has gotten closer to two, she has also started to be afraid of a few things. She doesn't like animals if they get to close. Now that it is summer in central Florida, our daily thunderstorms are not her favorite. The rain she is fine with, but the thunder is another story.

I feel so lucky to have such an amazing child as my daughter. She keeps us on our toes, but in the best way possible.