Monday, July 6, 2015

June 20 in 30 Challenge Recap

Boom. June is over in what seemed like a blink of an eye and I am happy to say that I rocked my June challenge. 

Of the 23 workouts I had scheduled at the beginning of the month, I hit 21 of them. Additionally, I missed one so that I could cut the lawn and another so that we could work on a project installing hanging rails in our garage. While I didn't officially count it as a workout, drilling into concrete block is no joke.

Here is what June looked like.

It was a total of 36 miles running, 5 bike workouts, 3 yoga classes and 1 Piyo workout. Last week we were away on vacation and I stayed active (how can you not be active when chasing after an almost 2 year old), but didn't do any official workouts. It was a much needed mental and physical break before starting half marathon training in a couple weeks.

How did your June stack up?