Monday, June 8, 2015

Are You Ready for Some Football?

While I really don't want to wish time away, especially summer, I am so ready for football season. It is the one sport that I watch on a pretty regular basis and the desert between the Superbowl and the beginning of the season always feels really long. 

This year went to the UCF spring game to get a little taste of what the season has in store. It was also a chance to see how E liked going to the game. She probably enjoyed dancing to the music between plays more than the game itself, but it is a start.

Last week I had an opportunity to attend the UCF women's football clinic. I had heard good things from previous years and was excited to see it on the schedule again this year. The past couple of years I have been pregnant or nursing, so it was too hard to get away. This year I was able to join about a 100 or so other women to learn a little more about the game and get some time on the field.


Nothing like hanging out with the Coach.
The night started off with sandwiches, chips and drinks, followed by a tour of the weight room and some time with a tackling dummy. I would love to have a gym like the one the student athletes have on campus.

Then we headed to the team room for a meeting with the coach. Here we got a chance to chat with George O'Leary himself as well as members of the offensive and defensive coaching staff. This helped me understand what is going on down on the field a bit more.

After the coaches meeting, we headed out to the practice fields. This was my favorite part of the night. We got a chance to catch, kick, throw, run ladders and do all kinds of fun stuff on the field. I almost felt like I was a real football player, well maybe not a real player, but it was fun to be on the field.

As E would say, "I got it."

Throwing with players
Shoes for feet bigger than mine.

After this clinic, I am so ready for some football!

Charge On!