Saturday, February 8, 2014

6 Months with Baby E

Last week we hit the half year mark. I think I will probably say it in just about every post, but where does the time go? This month has been pretty amazing and it seems like she has grown and developed a ton in the past month.

6 months
Her 6 month doctors appointment was this week and she is 17 pounds 2 ounces and 27 inches long. I think she may be a little longer than that because they didn't really stretch her out as much as they sometimes do. It seemed like overnight she started looking longer. It may just be that she lays with her legs down more often now.

  Developmentally this month has been huge. She is all about sitting and will sit and play for a long time without falling over. Playing with blocks is one of her favorite things. She also started playing with the toy we have attached to her car seat. Prior to that she didn't really care if it was there or not. Two teeth have come in and there may be more on the way since she is still drooling a ton.

I love to play with these blocks
The biggest thing this month is that she has started to both sleep in her crib and put herself to sleep. Until about 2 weeks ago she was still sleeping swaddled in her Rock and Play overnight and for naps. Then one day I went into daycare and they said she put herself to sleep in her crib twice that day. This was huge. Up until this point she needed a lot of help to get to sleep and wanted nothing to do with sleeping flat on her crib. (She also figured out how to stop all the swings both at daycare and at home, which is part of why she got put in the crib in the first place...we are in so much trouble.) Since then she has been going down drowsy, but awake and starting the night in her crib. She has been waking up a little bit more, but seems to be progressing in the right direction. (I think we may have the easiest baby ever, so I know we are in trouble when she gets older.)

This month Baby E went to her first hockey game. We are also staring to use the stroller without the car seat. She isn't 100% sold on it, probably because I wear her a ton.

First Hockey Game

Sitting in my stroller like a big girl
 She also started eating some solids during the month. We are taking a mostly baby lead weaning approach and it seems to be working pretty well. At this point she has tried avocado, acorn squash, broccoli, carrots, chic peas, cucumber, peas sweet potato and apple sauce. It has been fun, but messy. After one meal we nicknamed her pea-face carrot pants.

I am not so sure about this broccoli, but it is fun to throw around
 I am doing well and starting to feel more and more like myself. Running is getting better and I am finally getting some of my endurance back. My core is still pretty weak, and I am trying to work on that. I am still figuring out how to balance work, life and motherhood. Some days it seems impossible and others it seems to be going well.

What have you been up to this month? Any baby food favorites from your children?