Tuesday, January 14, 2014

5 Months with Baby E

So this post should probably be 5.5 months with Baby E, but that is life for me right now. The last month has been filled with holiday adventures and lots of family time. Both my husband and I were lucky enough to have Christmas week off. It was pretty amazing. 

I don't know exactly how big Baby E is, but she is getting too big for her 6 month clothes. Luckily we got a lot of bigger clothes for Christmas. It really is amazing how fast she is growing. 

Baby E has developed a ton this month. It seems like most of it happened almost overnight. She has gone from not being able to sit up by herself to being able to sit and play for a while without falling over. Now that she can sit, she doesn't really like to play laying down.
  All of the drooling and chewing that Baby E has been doing the past month or so is beginning to pay off too. On New Year's Day we found Baby E's first tooth is coming through. So far, she is taking taking teething in stride. Her feet happen to be one of her favorite things to chew on. It is pretty funny to watch.

Mmmmm..tasty toes

Fingers work too

I do think that in learning to sit up, Baby E forgot how to roll over. It has been a while since she has rolled over. She still doesn't love tummy time and since that is where you end up when you roll over doesn't work as a great incentive. Oh well. I am sure she will figure it out soon enough.

Sitting so well
Sleep the past month has been an adventure. Baby E had some sleep regression. We also tried to break the swaddle and have her start sleeping in the crib. The first night of breaking the swaddle went pretty well, but after that it was downhill. After about a week of rough nights we gave up and went back to the swaddle and rock and play. We may need to find a toddler swaddle and rock and play someday, but she sleeps well and that is important for the whole family.

Baby E is still getting just breast milk, but we are getting ready to start solids. We are planning on starting somewhere around 6 months. Baby E is starting to be interested in food and we are sitting her with us when we eat dinner. We also got some sippy cups for her to start playing with as well.

So many chins!
My work schedule was crazy for most of the last month and that made me a little stressed at points. I have now had a week to recharge my batteries and I am excited for 2014. I know that being a working mother will never be easy, but each month I seem to get a little better at it.

I am excited to see how Baby E grows over the next year.