Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals

To say that 2013 was a year of change would be an understatement. The year was pretty much consumed by all things baby since I was pregnant for the first half of the year and trying to figure out how to be a mother the second half. This meant that I was in survival mode with regard to pretty much everything else in my life. I wouldn't change 2013 for the world, but 2014 needs to be about growth, both personally and professionally, and not just getting by.

So worth it
Running & Fitness

My mileage for 2013 was very low because I didn't run for about 7 months. Even though I was active, I  feel like I lost a lot of strength and fitness through the whole pregnancy and delivery process. Recovery from delivery was much harder than I anticipated. During 2014 I want to regain some of the fitness and endurance I lost.

As far as running goes, my goal is to run at least one race a month. The distances will vary, but this will give me an opportunity to work on both my speed and endurance. I am still working out the details on the exact races, but my first post baby half marathon will be the Orlando Best Dam race.

From an overall fitness perspective I want to regain the strength I lost and more. To say that my core needs some work would be an understatement, so that is going to be the focus for the first few months of the year. My goal is to get at least one strength session in a week. Hopefully I can increase this over the course of the year.

Mind & Spirit

There are two big things that I would like to work on in this area over the course of the year. The first is spending more time in the present. By nature, I am a planner but sometimes I find myself thinking so much about what is upcoming that I forget to take in what is going on at that moment. I have been better about this since Baby E was born, but it is something I need to continue to work on.

I also need to work on building back my confidence in myself. My body has failed me several times and in a variety of ways the past couple of years and that has shaken my self confidence. This has lead to more frequent negative self talk and I know it needs to stop. Both for myself and because someone's little ears are going to pick up on it sooner than I realize. More than anything, I want to set a good example for Baby E.


In 2013, I officially became all but dissertation with regard to my PhD. That was the only real professional goal I accomplished. This year I would like to start to chip away at my dissertation. I am still not 100% sure I am going to finish my program, but I am going to start the process and go from there.

I am not going to bore you with all the details of other professional goals, but it is a place I am really going to focus this year. There are so many things I love about where I work and what I do that it is hard not to be inspired to continue to grow as a professional.


Back in September I went to FL Blog Con and It was an amazing experience. There were so many really bright bloggers and I learned a ton. Much of what I heard has been churning around in my head since then, but that is as far as it has gotten. I would like to implement some of the things I learned this year.

This is the place where my goals are probably the fuzziest. Two big things I would like to do are a blog redesign and posting on a more regular bias. That said, the blog is really just a hobby so we will see how much time I have.

I know that 2014 will continue to be an adventure. Baby E is growing and changing at an amazing rate. More than anything else, I want to try and soak it in as much as possible. What are your goals for 2014?