Sunday, November 24, 2013

Running After Baby

Now that Baby Marron is here, I have to say it was a good thing I didn't actually register for the races I had planned. To say that I was overambitious in my post baby running goals would be an understatement. It is funny to think about where I am compared to where I thought I would be. Both recovery from childbirth and the transition to being a mother were harder than I anticipated.

I was cleared for exercise the middle of September and was super excited to get out running agin. In fact I came home from the doctors office, fed Baby E and headed out the door for my first run. It was about 2 in the afternoon, in September, in Florida. Not really ideal running time, but I was so excited. It was hard, but felt so good to run again.

After that first day, I got a few runs in here and there, but didn't really get into a groove until after we moved at the end of September. Since then I have been getting about 3 runs in each week. Some weeks are better than others and my strength training is not where I want it to be, but all in due time.

I feel guilty leaving Baby E so I get get a run or other workout in, but I feel much more sane and less anxious on the days I do. Running helps me feel a little more like myself again. I am often up well before the sun, but I am trying to set a healthy example for my daughter without taking too much time away from her.

As far as races go, I am still deciding exactly what I want to do. We did the Run Nona 5k a couple of weeks ago and it felt good to race again. I am also doing the Best Dam Race Orlando half marathon in the spring. It is about the same time and far less expensive than the Princess Half Marathon I had originally had my eye on.

There are several other races tentatively on the calendar. Life with baby E changes so quickly that it is hard to commit to much. That said, 2014 will be about running and racing. There are several shorter local races I am planning for the first part of the year (Lady Track Shack 5k, the Winter Park Road Race, the Watermelon 5k). Breastfeeding and baby care make it hard to do anything real long or travel for races, but she is so worth it.

After that I am still up in the air between running another marathon (I have my eye on Marine Corps) or getting back into triathlons. If I am going to do another triathlon, I should really look at getting a new bike, which may be a little too spendy for this year.

What do you think...a tri or a marathon for the fall? Any good Orlando races I should add to my calendar?