Sunday, November 3, 2013

Run Nona 5K Race Recap

Yesterday was a big first race since Baby E joined our family and Baby E's first race.  My husband, Baby E and I all did the Run Nona 5k. We ran this race last year and had a good time, so figured we would do it again. This year's race was that it started at night which was a fun change.

I wan't sure what running with a baby would be like, but we didn't really have a babysitter, so figured we would give it a try. The night race time also helped with this because we didn't have to get Baby E up early to go. We headed down early and got to Lake Nona about an hour before the race. This was a good thing, because parking was a little difficult. Once we found a parking spot we unloaded the car, set up the stroller and grabbed a crash kit diaper bag. (It turns out the diaper bag was critically important.)

The race started and ended at Laureate Park. Once we got there, we took a look at some of the sponsor booths and then found a place to feed the baby. This served two purposes. First, I wanted to make sure that she was fed and content and second, I knew it would make the race a whole lot more comfortable for me. Whenever possible I prefer the baby to the pump.

Pre-race family photo.

About 15 minutes before the start, we headed over to the start line and lined up with the rest of the strollers. We joked that Baby E would poop on the course, and we were close in our prediction. About 3 minutes before the race start, something smelled funny and Baby E started squirming. We pulled over to the side and tag teamed the diaper change. This was probably the quickest diaper change we ever pulled off. Just as we were wrapping up we heard the horn that started the race. She had perfect timing and I was happy it happened before we started running.

Just before the pre-race diaper incident.

This is a pretty fun 5k course. It takes you past cow pastures, Nemours Children's Hospital and through the UCF Med School Campus. We also enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Between the course and the company, the miles really flew by. Baby E fell asleep about three quarters of a mile in and took a nice nap until we were back and the finish line party. We were lucky that the rain held of through most of the race.

I should have stopped to take this photo.
The sunset was pretty amazing.

I think the best part of this race was the finish line party that was catered by 4 Rivers. They have some of the best barbecue I have ever had. We grabbed our pulled chicken sandwiches and beers and found a place to eat. The lines for food were long, but they moved fast. As we were finishing up eating the rain picked up and we headed to the car to go home.

My official time was 39:59. Super slow, but only 50 seconds slower than last year's time. Since this year I am 3 months postpartum, I have only been back running for about 4 weeks and I was pushing a stroller, I am happy with that time. This also gives me a good starting place for my future race plans. I will have more on that soon. Given my time constraints and the challenge of traveling with a little one I think I may be doing more shorter local races than I have in the past. Running is good for me both mentally and physically and a race on the calendar helps keep me motivated.

What are some of your favorite Orlando area races?