Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby Update - 36 Weeks

We have made it to 36 weeks, actually a little past 36 weeks. Just one more week and baby will be full term. Even at this point, the baby should be fine if it decides to make an appearance. That said, I need at least another week, preferably two, to make sure that I am ready for baby. Currently there is a lot of baby prep that needs to be wrapped up both at work and at home.

It feels like baby is moving lower and lower, which is good. I have also started feeling what I think may be Braxton Hicks contractions, either that or the baby is moving in some strange ways. I had my first check at this week's appointment and they did my Group B strep test. Not a whole lot is going on right now, but that doesn't mean much. 

Baby is still really active, but I can tell that it has less room. There is less rolling and more kicking and wiggling. The baby also likes to head butt my bladder. That is always a good time. There are many things that I won't miss about being pregnant, but I will miss feeling the baby move.

I am still feeling pretty good. In the past week, my feet and ankles have started swelling more and I have had more tingling in my fingers. Other than getting tired easily, I am feeling good and staying active. This morning I cleaned the house. Most days I am doing a walk or some prenatal yoga. The itch to really push my body is pretty strong, but I know it won't be too much longer.

Last weekend was my Florida baby shower. Baby Marron and I are really blessed to have some amazing and generous friends and family. My sister-in-law did a beautiful job putting it together. She also took all the photos, which was really sweet, but also means that I don't have any to post here. Poor planning on my part.

In addition to my Florida shower, my co-workers showered me at our quarterly team meeting this week. I am really lucky to work with such a great group of people. They will be missed while I am out on maternity leave, but I can't wait for baby Marron to meet them.

This weekend is all about getting things set up for the baby. We have just about everything we need, but should take it out of boxes and make sure a few clothes are washed and ready to go. Then the waiting begins.