Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lady Track Shack 5k Race Recap

Yesterday was the Lady Track Shack 5k. I went back and forth about running this race, but ended up registering last week after a couple of good runs. I loved that it was a ladies only race and it attracted a wide range of runners.

Since getting pregnant, my running has been sporadic to say the least. While my doctor was fine with running, the morning (or all day) sickness and pregnancy fatigue coupled with a bad cold and some serious pain in my hips have meant that I didn't run at all for about 4 weeks. About three weeks ago, everything seemed to get better and I am very happy about that.

Saturday morning I woke up and my stomach was a mess. This didn't really surprise me, since it was not happy on Friday either. It is crazy how much havoc pregnancy reeks on your digestive system. I ate a small breakfast and got my stuff together. By the time I left the house my tummy was feeling better.

I left the house by 6:40 a.m. and got to the race site about 7 a.m. figuring this was plenty of time, except that it took me another 15 minutes to find a place to park. After parking I booked it to the start since I was still almost a half mile away. It was freezing (or 47) on Saturday morning, so this was a nice way to warm up.

I got to the start with about 5 minutes to spare. I looked around for a port-a-potty, but managed to miss all of them. I knew this would come back to haunt me, but there wasn't much else to do since the race was about to start. 

I looked for Jackie and Victoria as well as a few other friends who were running the race, but didn't  see anyone. I lined up behind the 10+ minute mile sign since I am not exactly speedy on a good day.
The start was packed
The first mile was good. I felt good and once the crowd thinned out I was able to get into a comfortable pace. I have been using 2 minute run / 1 minute walk intervals and that is what I kept for the race. These intervals, coupled with a heart rate monitor help me to keep from pushing myself too hard. 

The course runs through a beautiful part of Winter Park, FL, and the second mile went by as smoothly as the first. There are a number of lakes on the course and the sun was rising as we were running. I need to remember to take more photos.

Running through Winter Park
It was just after mile two that my bladder reminded me that I hadn't found a bathroom before the race. The last mile was a bit rough. I had some nausea and I thought that I might pee myself, but I got through. 

After finishing the race, I hit the bathroom and then grabbed a banana, a granola bar and some strawberries. I took a look at some of the other vendors at the finish and then headed back to the car. It was too cold to hang out for long.

Overall, the race was great and I am super proud to say that I ran a race at almost 16 weeks pregnant. I plan on running for as long as I can, even if it means I am ready for bed at 7 p.m.