Thursday, February 28, 2013

28 Day Challenge Recaps

February has now come and pretty much gone. I had high hopes for this month and overall it has been a great month. I participated in two challenges during the month–the plank a day challenge and the 28 day blog challenge. I can honestly say that I didn't achieve everything I wanted for either challenge, but they were both great motivators.

The plank a day challenge went well for the first two and a half weeks. I was able to get at least a short plank in each day. Then I started to run into some problems with back pain. It is all pregnancy related, but this is the same back pain that lead me to stop running for a while. Since then I have been getting planks in a couple of times a week, but not every day. 

While I can honestly say I have been slacking the past week, the 28 day blog challenge really helped me make my blog better and engage more with the blogging community. I have been posting more regularly, I updated many of my social media profiles, I engaged more with the blogging community, I attended my second blogger event and a worked on a number of other small tasks. There are still some things on my list, the biggest being a template redesign, this challenge helped me to think about my blog and what I wanted it to be. I big thanks to Katy for putting this challenge together.

Personally, February was very busy and honestly busier than I expected. There was a ton going on at work, I have been preparing to take the next step with my PhD and we worked on figuring out where we are going to live when our lease is up this summer. Then again, I think I say that every month.

While I may not have completely accomplished either challenge, I am happy I participated in them.

Have you ever done a challenge? Did it help to motivate you?