Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stepping Bravely into 2007

This week has been insane. We got back to Orlando at about 1 a.m. Monday morning, then had two birthday celebrations this week and I have been battling the plague (or maybe just a really bad cold) since we landed. Then to top it all off, my phone died.

On Monday, it seemed like it just wouldn't charge, but after doing some troubleshooting I soon realized that it was a bigger problem. The phones power system was on the fritz and that meant I got about 45 minutes of idle time or one short phone call when I put in a fresh battery. Not optimal.

Now, I really can't complain. I got about two and a half years out of the phone with just one minor issue. That said, it was beyond the point of trying to fix it and we just needed to suck it up and buy a new phone, or actually phones, since my husband's phone was the same age as mine

After looking at the phone options we decided on the iPhone 4s. I really wanted the Samsung galaxy 3, but after really looking at it it wasn't worth the extra hundred dollars. Since I need to keep this phone for the next two years, I wasn't willing to take the risk on the new Windows phone. It looks really fun, but we'll see if it catches on. I wanted access to lots of apps.

My new and old phones. BB you will be missed.
I am a klutz, so a heavy duty case was a
must for the iPhone.

Since I spent most of yesterday on the couch sick, I had some time to play with my new toy. So far the things that I like about the phone include: access to aps, a better camera and a display that acts more like a computer. The things that I am not loving are no external message indicator (I liked my blinky red light), no separate mailbox icons (I have too many email addresses), not having google maps and the weight and size of the phone. Like most Apple products it is much heavier than it looks like it should be.

It is great to have a phone. It is frightening how lost I felt without one. Almost like missing an appendage. I am just hoping the iPhone behaves better than the Mac I have for work. That thing is constantly giving me problems.

What type of phone do you have? Do you love it? Any must have aps?