Monday, September 3, 2012


I can't believe that Labor Day weekend is just about over. This summer was really long and really short at the same time. It did a number on my running routine.

I really need a running reset. Being pregnant, losing the baby, starting a new job and moving 900 miles have all taken a toll on my training this summer. I have a 10 mile race coming up the end of September and I don't remember the last time I had a week with 10 miles, let alone a single 10 mile run.

Before you think I am too crazy, we registered for this race back in February when I was still on my post marathon high. When I got pregnant, this race became highly questionable, but since I am no longer pregnant, I don't have a good reason not to run. It also gives me motivation to really get my butt back into shape. I have been doing shorter runs on and off this summer, but my normal consistency has been nonexistent.

I don't have any time goals for this race, but I have some training and fitness goals for the month. I am hoping that putting them in writing will help keep me accountable. This month I am going to:
  • Run three days a week
  • Cross train at least one day week (swimming, spin, yoga, etc.)
  • Strength train at least one day a week (I have really been slacking here)
  • Eat reasonably (I have been better about this since unpacking the kitchen)
This is a bit ambitious, but I need something to kick-start a strong, healthy and happy Fall. What do you do when your routine needs a reset?