Sunday, May 6, 2012

Historic Half Training Weeks 9 & 10

After last week's whirlwind weekend, I was a little slow to get back to normal and back to blogging. The Historic Half Marathon is quickly approaching and training for weeks 9 and 10 has been hit and miss. 

Training week 9 was great. I felt like I was flying during my speed work and my other runs were comfortable. My legs felt like I could run forever.

Week 9 Training
Monday – Off
Tuesday – Speed Work (about 4 miles total)
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – 4 Miles
Friday – Off
Saturday –6 Miles
Sunday – Off (spent time playing in the pool)

Training week 10 was pretty much the opposite. I don't know if I was still run down from last weekend or something else is going on, but I didn't have a single good run this week. My legs felt like they were made of stone and 2 miles felt like 20. My long run was really rough and my left hip/hamstring/IT band area was not happy.

Week 10 Training
Monday – Off
Tuesday – 2 Miles
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – 2.32 Miles
Friday – Off
Saturday –10 Miles (this was a rough run)
Sunday – Off 

Today my legs are still pretty sore and I feel like I ran 20 miles, not 10. I need a good week of training, or I think I may be in real trouble.

How do you handle bad training runs? What do you do when your current training strategy stops working?