Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Historic Half Training Week 11

The Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon is this Sunday, so training is over and other than a few short runs and maybe some yoga, there is not much on my schedule for this week. I am both nervous and excited. The more races I run, the more real goals I have and this time I am not sure I am going to meet them.

Overall, training has not really gone the way I wanted. I have not had a great long run since the Monument 10K. They have been varying degrees of "meh." My runs have been especially rough since we got back from Florida a couple of weeks ago.

My training for week 11 was the following:
Monday – Off
Tuesday – 4 Miles
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – 4 Miles
Friday – Off
Saturday –6 Miles
Sunday – Yoga

Last night's run felt pretty good and it was the best I have felt in a while. I am hoping that keeps up through the half marathon, but I am a little nervous.

I am not sure what to do Sunday. What do you do when you are facing a tough race?