Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Historic Half Training Week 9 & Goal Reassessment

So I am just over a month away from the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon and while training is going pretty well, but I think I might have to reassess my goal time. I haven't been cross training as much as I would like, and the next couple of weeks are pretty busy.

When I set my goal of hitting 2:30 for my marathon, it was still winter and I was still running inside. I quickly learned that inside is flat and outside is not. I have hit the pace I need on some of my training runs and in the 10K, but that was a much flatter course than the half marathon course. We head out going downhill, but I am a little worried about miles 10 and 11.


I am going to see what happens with my speed over the next few weeks. The area where we train is pretty hilly, so that helps and I am picking up speed. I think at this point finishing in 2:30 would be fantastic, finishing at a 12 minute mile pace (2:37) would still be good and, if nothing else, I would like to set a PR (anything under 2:39).

These are my workouts from week 9. 

Monday –Off
Tuesday – 4 Miles
Wednesday –Off
Thursday –4 Miles
Friday – Off
Saturday –8 Miles
Sunday – Off