Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hooray for Daylight Savings Time

Today is one my favorite days of the year. I know it is silly, but my wedding anniversary, Christmas and Thanksgiving are probably the only days I look forward to more than today. It is definitely more exciting than my birthday, which I do enjoy. I really think that they should just keep daylight savings year round. 

Daylight savings means more hours of daylight after work. It means that I can go running after work without having to fear for my life. (They don’t believe in nice, well-lit neighborhoods in Richmond, so running outside after dark means risking getting hit by a car or busting an ankle on a pot hole.) Since daylight savings goes along with spring, it also means that warmer weather should be on its way. I can’t wait for tank tops and open-toed shoes. 

We took advantage of the extra light and the nice weather and went for a late afternoon run today. It was my first real outdoor run of the season and I realized that I really have some work to do if I am going to hit my time goal for the Marine Corps Historic Half. It is amazing how easily you forget what hills feel like. I still have about 10 weeks until the race, and I should be able to do most of my training outside, because it will be light enough to run after work. 

I know people who hate daylight savings time. What about you – do you love it or hate it?