Sunday, March 25, 2012

Historic Half Training Week #5

So, this week’s training went pretty well. This week I did not do nearly as much cross training as I should have, but I still got in my runs. My IT band has been really tight this week, but overall I am feeling good. 

Today’s 8 miler felt good, but I am not keeping the pace that I need if I want to hit my goal for the half marathon. This week is a bit crazy, but I am going to start working some speedwork into my training. This is the only way I will have a chance of hitting that goal. 

After running, we came home and cleaned up and went to see the Hunger Games. I really loved the books and thought they did a great job on the movie. One of the best movie adaptations I have seen. 

These are my workouts from the week. 

Monday – yoga (I desperately needed this) 
Tuesday – 4 mile run 
Wednesday – Off 
Thursday – 4 mile run 
Friday – Off 
Saturday – Off (Wanted to run, but a rainy day meant it wasn't possible)
Sunday – 8 mile run (at 12:26 per mile pace)