Sunday, March 18, 2012

Historic Half Training Week #4

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pretty much how I
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Spring has officially sprung in Richmond and I am super excited about running outside. The days have gotten longer and the temperature has finally warmed up. Moving from the very flat indoor track to our outdoor loop has been great, but running is hard again. The hills are killing me, but I know, that just like last year, they will make me stronger in the end. 

The more I train, the more I see that my running tends to go in cycles. I will have a couple of weeks of really great runs where everything comes together, and then I will have a couple of weeks where running is really really hard. Right now running is hard, but I still think my Historic Half goal is doable. 

I have been better about cross training the past couple of weeks. I know it is important that my training becomes more well rounded, so I am focusing on that and hoping that I will get my running groove back shortly. 

This is what I did this week.

Monday – Spin class (This was a great ride)
Tuesday – 3 mile run 
Wednesday – Off 
Thursday – 2 mile run 
Friday – Off 
Saturday – 6 mile slow run 
Sunday – Swimming about 60 minutes with a focus on technique