Thursday, March 1, 2012

Focusing on the Positive

It is March and that means that my birthday is just around the corner. When I was getting close to my thirtieth birthday, I was not happy and really focused in on the things that I hadn’t accomplished. I felt like I hadn’t done anything with my life. Almost a year later and a little more perspective I realize, I have accomplished quite a bit. 
  • I am married to an amazing man, and I know what it means to be in a truly loving relationship. 
  • I have a great career and really enjoy my job. (In all honesty, I did not have this when I turned 30, but I do have it now.) 
  • I have a Master’s degree and have completed the course work for my PhD. 
  • I have a loving family and I really understand how important they are in my life. I have run a marathon and 3 half-marathons. (Again, two of these came after my 30th birthday) 
  • I have traveled to Europe a couple of times. 
When I step back and take a look, I have accomplished a lot. I may not have as much in my savings or retirement accounts as I would like, and we haven’t purchased a house, but I have done more than I realized. My 31st birthday is on its way and instead of focusing on the things I haven’t done, I am going to focus the things I have done.