Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Confession: I’m A Fair Weather Runner

What I like to wear
I lived in Central Florida for about 8 years before moving to Michigan to start my doctoral program. Then I decided to start running more regularly. Not really the best plan for someone who doesn’t like to be cold. 

I was pretty active when I was in Orlando. I did a couple of triathlons and would go to the gym regularly, but I didn’t really start running until after I moved. The weather in Virginia is better than the weather in Michigan, but it still isn’t great for running outside November to March. There is also a serious lack of spring races in central Virginia. I am itching to race and really missing the large number of races in Orlando or just a short drive away. 

What I have to wear
Except for our New Years trip to Orlando, I have only been running outside twice since the beginning of December. Running on the indoor track at our gym is better than a treadmill, but still a bit mind numbing. I can’t wait to get outside, but I know it will still be a few weeks before it warms up. This is the big reason I am not running Rock’n’Roll Washington, DC. 

I know I am a wuss, but running is a lot less fun when you are cold. For me that means anything under about 55, as long as it is not windy. Give me 95 with 98% humidity over 45 any day.

How do you deal with bad weather? Any tricks for making the track less mind numbing?