Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Think I Might Actually be a Runner

A few weeks ago I talked about my fear of commitment, especially when it comes to races. It is pretty much impossible to fail when you don’t even try. Well, I officially sucked it up and registered for the Richmond Half Marathon and the Walt Disney World Marathon. I knew that if I didn’t register soon, the races would fill up and I would be pretty mad about putting in all the training miles and not being able to run the race.

The Richmond Half Marathon was this past Saturday, and I tried to view it as just another training run. It didn’t really fit into my marathon training program, but my husband wanted to run it and I figured it would be a great way to see parts of Richmond that I had not explored yet. Overall, it was a good time, and I had a far better run than I was expecting and finished in just under 2:40. Now I understand that there are people who wouldn’t even consider this running, but it was a huge accomplishment for me. I finished almost 19 minutes faster than my previous half-marathon time. It also makes me feel a little more comfortable with running the full marathon in January. 

Overall, the Richmond half marathon is a good race. It is sponsored by McDonalds, which makes me giggle.  The course is nice with just a few hills and some great sights. You also have people cheering you on over most of the course. Some people even set up their own aid stations. There was even one with beer between miles 9 and 10. I like beer and I like running, but not at the same time.  

Another interesting thing about this race is that they run both the half and the full marathon on the same day, and we were able to see the start of the full marathon before the course splits. The course comes back together at the end with a wide lane for those running the half and one for those running the full. Since I am slow, this meant that I saw the elite marathoners run past me again a couple miles before the finish line. 

The one concern I would have about doing this race again would be the temperature. It is in November and it is up North, so that means it is cold. The announcer said it was 34-degrees when we started. I know there are people who think that is great running weather, but it is not for me. I started running while living in FL, and don’t like to be out when it is below 60. I also like to feel my feet before I get to mile 3. seems like I cannot take a decent race photo.